To meet our mission objective, we are asking for help in adding to our list of hometown Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine, National Guard and Reserves who are currently deployed or stationed away from their hometown.  This list is to be used exclusively and confidentially for the purpose of shipping a Care Package from our community. Deployed personnel receive priority, however, we hope to gain enough support to send all our "guys & gals in uniform" a special thank you from their hometown!

Sign Up: Deployed from Ocean Springs

Please enter YOUR name, phone, & email. In the Message box, please give: Rank, First & Last Name, and Station/Deploy Address of Ocean Springs serviceman to send Care Package to.

Sing Up: Other

Please enter YOUR name, phone & email. In the Message box, please give: Rank First & Last Name Station/Deploy Address of serviceman to send Care Package to. AND THEIR HOMETOWN.

Sponsor a Package

Questions? Fill out below to find out more. Or call us at 228-207-4709

Snack Foods: Beef Jerky, Sunflower Seeds, Corn Nuts, canned nuts, crackers, cookies, etc. No chips, please. They don't travel well.
Candy: Chewing Gum, Hard Candy  (no chocolate or any likely to melt or get gooey)
Socks: White, green, tan athletic
Hygiene: Non-aerosol shaving cream, Wet wipes
Photos: Any snapshots of our community, a supportive photo with people/signs that show support
Letters/Cards: Any Letters/cards of thanks, support, appreciation, etc.